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Coaching support Expats in Leiden

Do you live abroad and would like to achieve more or  feel better with your work, study, family, friends or your general fulfillment, serenity and well-being?

As a certified Life & Career and Busieness Coach - and an expat myself - my mission is to support internationals to find the strength, tools and creativity to overcome the small and big challenges that they may face, so that they can achieve their wished goals, balance, fulfilment and well-being..

                                                          ..wherever they are!

“There is no favorable wind for the sailor who doesn’t know where  to go”


Whether you are looking for your next direction in life, a career switch, more fulfillment and peacefulnees, or landing your dream job, I can help you!


Together we can explore your needs, wishes and options, identify the next steps to where you wish to be in the future, overcome the challenges you face at the moment, break the patterns and obstacles that stop you on your way to your wishes and your best self.

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