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Job-seeking advice


You have been applying or want to start applying for a new job you would really like to get. You are doing your best but still, you have difficulties?


You are not sure whether you made your CV and Cover Letter

in a way that it stands out?

Or maybe you do not know where and how to start?

It is normal, you are not the only one.

I can help you thorugh my services of review, preparation and advice on your CV, Cover Letter and Job interviews. You can choose what you think you need.

Review of CV and/or Cover Letter

Would you like me to revise your CV and/or Cover Letter and advise on layout, content and AT Software friendlyness?

In my advice I will use all my knowledge about:


  • the main and most up-to-date tips and tricks to be successful in job applications in the Netherlands

  • how to best write a CV and a cover letter

  • how to highlight your unique qualities and how to pitch them

PRICE (incl. VAT):

- 75 euros for a 30 minutes intake via Skype and documents review (max. 3 pages)

- 97 euros for a 30 minutes intake via Skype and documents review (max. 5 pages)

Image by Bram Naus
Modern Work Space

Get prepared to rock job interviews

Would you like me to help you prepare for job interviews and reharse together?

I will use all my knowledge about:


  • what is relevant to employers, HR managers and recruiters to see during an interview

  • communication skills

  • what are the possible questions which will be asked and how to succesfully handle them

PRICE (incl. VAT): 30 minutes intake: 25 euros (only for the first meeting)

                              50 euros per 45 minutes session face-to-face or online

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