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Code of Ethics

*Ethics refers to an agreed-upon set of moral principles, values, rules of conduct.

Abroad at your Best subscribes to the Ethical Guidelines of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and additionally, to the Rules of Correct and Honorable Conduct listed below – inspired by the Coaching principles of the Co-Active Training Institute – as per our Co-Active Coach Certification.

​Rules of Correct and Honorable Conduct

1. We hold the content of the relationship with our clients as confidential. Even the names of our clients are confidential unless the client gives permission to mention or use his/her name.


2. As professional coaches, we do not break the law for our clients. We do not act as accomplices to our client’s illegal activity.


3. As professional coaches we do not enter into financial agreements with our clients based on the results of the client; i.e., the client will give you a 10% bonus based on the sales bonus they receive from their corporation.


4. When we enter into agreements with corporations, we hold the individuals as our clients, and respect their right to confidentiality.


5. We do not work with clients whom we cannot champion and see their growing edge.


6. As professional coaches we manage ourselves (our weaknesses, worries, etc.) in such a way that it does not deter the client’s progress and enables us to hold the client’s agenda, rather than the coach’s agenda.

7. We treat our colleagues, competitors and the coaching profession with honor and respect.

8. We agree to hold the client’s client’s Agenda, interest, and commitment so as to point the client to Fulfillment, Balance, and Process as well as Forwarding the Action and Deepening the Learning.

9. We align with the belief that clients are naturally creative, resourceful and whole, capable of finding their own answers and paths.

Version January 2020

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