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Life and Career Coach for Expats in Leiden

My personal experience

When I was 18 I left my home town and ever since ( 20 years) I have moved several times for study, love and work in different cities and countries around Europe.

Nowadays leading a life across different countries and cultures is very common. It can be very enriching and exciting, but we cannot deny the challenges that might arise when we live abroad.


Being away from (some of) our loved ones, entering an unfamiliar environment, making new friends, getting acquainted with the local language and culture, looking for or starting a new job, build cross-cultural families in a foreign country: it is not easy. It can feel lonely, hard and scary at times.


I have experienced this all first hand: originally Italian, I lived in different countries, before I moved to the Netherlands 8 years ago - for personal growth, work and love.


After working for several years in training and communication in the corporate and non-profit world, I decided to become a coach, and to focus especially on clients who, like me, carry international stories, jobs and lives.

My coaching approach

My training as a coach

Co-Active* Certified Coach - in progress
CTI Netherlands, ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited
Co-Active* Trained Coach
CTI Netherlands, ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited
Workshops in Analytical Psychology
Istituto di Psicoterapia Analitica e Psicologia del Profondo di Prato-Bologna (I.P.A.P.P.)
Active listening skills training course
De Galan, School for training

I have several years of experience as a life and career coach, and I believe that all parts of people’s lives - for example, their careers, relationships, recreation, personal growth - are interrelated and should be addressed as such.

While focusing on what the client wants to discuss, change and achieve, I still coach the whole person.

As a Co-Active* coach my actions originate from the belief that all people are naturally creative, resourceful and whole, and that they possess the capacity for deciding and doing what is best for themselves. My role is to guide them and give them the tools to discover it all. In this way, the coaching trajectory and results come from a place of authentic being, listening and encouragement, to uncover the best they can and want to be.

This form of coaching is called “co-active” because it functions as an “alliance” between coach and client that brings the client to achieve more clarity, balance and fulfillment.​

*The Co-Active Coach® Training program is the only coach training program based on the Co-Active Model, a tried-and-true approach that provides a powerful process for engaging with others and is supported by current scientific research. Would you like to learn more about scientific research supporting the Co-Active Coaching model? Check this out!

Deep Democracy - Level I
The House of Deep Democracy


what my clients say

I  got my dream job!

I got my dream job!

I came to the coaching service because I was looking for a job. While I was considering my background (in job experiences and study) not bad at all, my application letters and CV are seldom landed in one of the interviews. Lack of progressing from one interview to another interview made me pursuing other advice regarding this area. since my Dutch is not native and also one of my weakest points, I tend to broaden my search to multinational companies. this brought me to the ex-pat fair where I got

Marco's words

Marco's words

Simona is a very professional coach, working with her helped me a lot during a stressful period in my career. I feel I grew a lot personally and professionally”.

Paul's promotion

Paul's promotion

When I asked Simona for coaching, I had came out of two re-organizations in less than a year. It was a very stressful period which caused confusion and doubts over my career and led me to progressively losing confidence in myself. Simona did a great job to help me understand the underlying causes of my issues and how to set myself back on the right track. She guided me to take actions towards my objectives, and together with more self-confidence that led to a promotion at work.

Marie's coaching experience

Marie's coaching experience

“Simona is a great coach, you feel supported, heard and understood in a very natural way. You almost forget that you are there for coaching, and not for a nice chat with a good friend”.

Linda's transformation

Linda's transformation

Thanks to Simona’s support, encouragement, and skills I had a truly amazing transformation.

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