Why Business or Freelancing coaching?


To start your own company or start freelancing can be very exciting, but it is scary and challenging too. I help professionals to develop or improve their own business/freelance activity.

From all the steps needed to start:

• opening a company VAT number
• making a successful business plan
• all requirements you need to have in place according to Dutch Law, etc.

to what is needed to make your business thrive:

• Marketing and Communication best practices to find new customers and maintain existing ones
• helping you get unstuck in your path towards your success, and being your own boss
• evaluating progress, challenges and make your business more profitable


I will be there for you any time you need me!

Sometimes clients come to me knowing already what they need and wish to achieve. Some other times, they are not clear yet on what they exactly need and wish for. In both cases, coaching accelerates their progress by providing greater focus, clarity, and results.


Coaching concentrates on where people are now, and what they are willing to do to get where they want to be in the future. And it helps them reach higher achievements and fulfillment.

Want to explore whether coaching might be for you?

Book a free and obligation-free meeting

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I work with my clients face to face in Leiden (NL), or on skype, in English or in Italian.

I understand well Dutch, French and Spanish as well.

Coaching trajectory: time and money investment

My Business - Freelancing coaching session lasts 60 minutes and costs 80 euros (incl. VAT).


Students, unemployed clients, and clients on longer coaching trajectories get discounted prices.

Do you need a specific payment arrangement?  Contact me