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Why Life or Career coaching?

Abroad at Your Best: for a happy expat life

Coaching is ideal for offering you sound, unbiased guidance as you face difficult, uncertain times, or major decisions in your private or professional life.

As a professional coach, people come to me to make positive, transformative changes, or achieve specific goals in crucial areas of their lives.

Just to mention a few examples:

  • improving relationships in their lives, at work and/orat home.

  • enhancing their general well-being.

  • exploring their career path and professional development, and even evaluate new career options.

  • taking important decisions.

  • exploring their needs and wishes better, and take steps towards a more fulfilling life.

Sometimes clients come to me knowing already what they need and wish to achieve. Some other times, they are not clear yet on what they exactly need and wish for. In both cases, coaching accelerates their progress by providing greater focus, clarity, and results.


Coaching concentrates on where people are now, your needs and wishes, options and choices, and what they are willing to do to get where they want to be in the future.

Coaching supports you to identify and take the next steps towards a more fulfilling life

Want to explore whether coaching might be for you?

Book a free and obligation-free meeting

Book below or contact me for a no-obligation and free of charge consultation.


I work with my clients face to face in Leiden (NL), or on skype, in English or in Italian.

I understand well Dutch, French and Spanish as well.

Life or Career Coaching trajectory: time and money investment

Free intake

Introduction to Life or Career coaching


 The most difficult roads are   often the ones

leading to the most amazing destinations...

Book a free intake and explore whether coaching is something for you at this moment in life!

What to expect

We can meet in person or online for a no-obligation and free of charge consultation meeting to explore together:


- what is coaching?

- how would it work? 

- what are the times and costs involved?

- is coaching the right trajectory for what you’re looking for?

- am I the right coach for you?

If you decide that coaching is what you need and want, take into account that an average coaching trajectory lasts, at least, 3 months, with bi-weekly or triweekly sessions.

But every case is different, some people only need a couple of sessions to achieve what they were looking for, some others need longer time.

You are always free to stop whenever you like.


My Life and Career coaching session lasts 60 minutes and costs 70 euros online, 75 euros in person for individuals,ls,

and 95 euros (incl. VAT) for companies.


Students, unemployed clients, and clients on longer coaching trajectories get discounted prices.

Do you need a specific payment arrangement?  Contact me

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